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TH/THS bench scale is the industry standard for long life and trouble-free service in application. Mild or stainless steel models are available for all kinds of factory environment.

Technical Data

Accuracy GradeIII
Weighing Range6kg~1000kg
Working TemperatureWeighing Indicator-10℃~+40℃
Scale & Load Cell-20℃~+50℃
Relative Humidity≤95% (Free of Moisture Condensation)
Power Supply12V DC/1A adaptor or Ni-MH rechargeable battery (option)
Protective GradeScale: IP65
Indicator (AS135): IP65
Load CellL6N/L6E/L6E3/L6G/L6W/L6F

ModelDimension (mm)Capacity (kg)
TH/THS3030300 × 300****   
TH/THS4040400 × 400  ***  
TH/THS5050500 × 500   **  
TH/THS6060600 × 600   *** 
TH/THS4050400 × 500   **  
TH/THS4660460 × 600   *** 
TH/THS6080600 × 800   ****
Division e=(g)2g5g10g20g50g100g200g

To meet different weighing requirements, the scale body of this series is designed with a minimum size of 300 x 300mm and maximum dimension of 800 x 800mm. With solid structure and high strength, It is welded by square tube in carbon or stainless steel, so as to weigh a maximal weight of 1000kg. Load cell protector can be selected to improve the protection grade.
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