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Cushioning Scale, Platform Scale

With double-deck scale body and helical compression spring, cushioning scale effectively amortize the wallop while weighing to protect load cells. Metallurgy, storage and logistics, inland dock are main applied industries.

Technical Data

Accuracy GradeIII
Weighing Range5,000kg~30,000kg
Working TemperatureWeighing Indicator-10℃~+40℃
Scale & Load Cell-35℃~+65℃
Relative Humidity≤95% (Free of Moisture Condensation)
Power Supply100~240V AC 50/60Hz wide input voltage or Ni-MH rechargeable battery (option)
Protective GradeScale: IP67
Indicator AS131-PL: IP54
Indicator AS131-SS: IP65
Load CellHM9B


ModelDimensions (mm)Capacity (kg)
DG15201500 × 2000**  
DG20202000 × 2000**  
DG20302000 × 3000 ** 
DG20402000 × 4000 ** 
DG30403000 × 4000  **
DG30603000 × 6000  **
Division e=(kg)2kg5kg10kg10kg

DG series platform scale is a kind of cushioning scale with various models for option. We offer DG1520, DG2020, DG2030, DG2040, DG3040 and DG3060 models of products. The number included in the model just indicates the platform size of each scale. In addition, it can bear the load of an object weighing up to 30t and comes with a highly accurate division value of 10 kg. In a word, our professional cushioning scale can meet the customers' different weighing requirements.

As an experienced platform scale manufacturer and supplier in China, Aspire also offers weighbridge, floor scale, indicator, weighing system, load cell and more.

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