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Weighing is fundamental to almost every business. When checking incoming goods, monitoring processes or quantifying products for sale, weight measurement is a vital tool in controlling costs, maintaining quality and assessing efficiency.

Aspire does not just sell scales, rather we work with industries to develop weighing-based solutions that focus on specific needs for information and control from the shop floor to the boardroom. Our aim is to provide systems that both solve problems and create new opportunities for raising quality, improving efficiency and increasing sales.

Aspire's products and systems are robust enough for the different kinds of environment.
Truck scales/weighbridges: chemical, concrete, metallurgy and coal industry, etc.
Bench scales: food, logistics, warehouse, medicine, chemical and agriculture trading industry.
Floor scales/platform scales: chemical, papermaking, warehouse, logistics, building materials, traffic, electric power, and medicine industries.

If you know what type of product you are interested in, go to Products to view all the models in each range.

Main Products
    1. TH/THS Bench ScaleTH/THS bench scale is the industry standard for long life and trouble-free service in application. Mild or stainless steel models are available for all kinds of factory environment.
    1. DS Livestock Scale, Platform ScaleOur livestock scale supplies you with a reliable solution to weighing all kinds of livestocks in animal husbandry and animal slaughtering industry. Portable, stationary or removeable installations are available at your choice.